We hold evolutionary multi-sensory experiences using advanced modern and ancient technologies for groups of people... The goal is to transmute collective consciousness in ways that can be verified scientifically.  
Learn more about the features below, the science here. For more, follow our social media accounts and join the list here.
Deep Play uses multiple senses to create powerful shifts in perception that can be accessed through meditation, dance, creative problems solving, and more.
Intelligent lights, time-released scents, and much more are part of the multi-sensory immersions.
TLDR, Polysenory ='s Sound, Light, Scent, Touch, Taste, & More

The Deep Play environment can be controlled from a facilitator/artist, or based on audience interaction. We use everything from movement to brainwaves to control the environment.
Fully Immersive 
This 360° system runs entirely off battery, making it possible to experience it anywhere! Imagine walking to your favorite spot in nature to seeing a group of people dancing in full immersive bliss from Deep Play.
Adventure, create, perform As One
Deep Play respond to individuals/groups in real time. You can have the tools to control a multi-sensory immersion... for anything from Gamification to Healing to Performance! It's "choose your own adventure," for the 21st century. The entire “audience” is the unified art.
Immerse Anywhere
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